Mock Meet Instructions, Important Dates, and Swim Lesson Info

Hey team!

What crazy weather! It was predicted to remain in the 60s and since the water temp dropped, we felt it was the right call for today, but of course, the weather warmed up more than expected. Unfortunately, it is how it goes sometimes. 

Things in this email: 

  • Pizza Order for the Mock Meet 
  • Mock Meet Instructions 
  • Swim Lesson Instructions
  • Some Important Dates

1. For tomorrow's Mock Meet, Begin arriving as early as 5 PM to get arms marked. If you are early, the coaches will chat with your kids. Parents, See Mary Kenny at the Volunteer Check-in for your instructions.

2. We do not expect perfection from your kids, but only effort to go through the process. They are supposed to have fun!
3. If you did not respond for the mock meet, we need to know ASAP.  If you show up dressed without responding to a normal meet, your swimmer will not be able to be added upon arrival, therefore it is important you RSVP to the meets. ASA forces us to close down entries at a specific time when we swim against another team. Look Here to understand the markings on swimmer's arms
4. For those who ordered a pizza for your family, ask concessions when you are ready for your piza. For everyone who did not pre-order pizza, we will be selling pizza by the slice at $2 each. We will take cash or charge through our square terminal. This is your last chance to pre-order. Click Here
5. Get your kids in the pool this weekend: If you have access to a pool this weekend, get those kids swimming as much as you can even if it's just for fun to increase their endurance. Get them to show you their skills of jumping off in the deep end to help increase the comfort of beginners and give them bonus points if they have the space and are willing to swim a few laps. Swimming improves with daily practice! 
6. Mark Down This Date: June 6th, 3-6 PM to drop into Menchies for a fundraiser for our team.
7. Good news, we have a Tex Tacos Food Truck coming for our last home meet on Tuesday, June 27th! It will be a fun week with our party on Wednesday, June 28th, 10-12 PM, and our GA Tech Meet @2 PMish on Thursday, June 29th. Thank you to those parents who have stepped up to figure out concessions this year! 
8. Swim lessons: All you need to know about optional swim lessons by our coaches is in this link. Click Here.  Our liability waiver is attached to this email. Sign and email it to the email in the waiver if you have any upcoming lessons with any of our coaches. 
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