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Team Fees Ages 4-18:

Saddle Creek HOA Members: $125/athlete + ASA Fees 

Non-resident Saddle Creek Members will pay an additional $30 per athlete ($125+30+ASA fees)

*There is a sibling discount for families after 2 swimmers.  Each additional swimmer is $85.                      (The sibling discount does not apply to Little Dolphins.)

Saddle Creek HOA                       Non-Saddle Creek HOA

Swimmer: $125                            Swimmer: $125

ASA Fee: $40                               ASA Fee: $40

                                                     Non-Resident Fee: $30

Total: $165*                                 Total: $195*

After May 1st Team Fees:

ASA begins charging a $20 late fee on April 16th.

Saddle Creek has an additional late fee of $15 for any registration after May 1st.

Saddle Creek HOA                 Non-Saddle Creek HOA

Swimmer: $125                                  Swimmer: $125

Late Fee: $15                                     Late Fee: $15

ASA Fee: $60                                     ASA Fee: $60

                                                     Non-Resident Fee: $30

Total: $200*                       Total: $230*

*There are minor processing fees included with each registration.                                                  

ASA Fees-  (Atlanta Swim Association is the swim league. Saddle Creek does not control these fees): 

$40 before April 15th

$60 April 16th-June 1

Little Dolphins Fees (Ages 4-6)

  • Each swimmer is $125 + a $23.50 ASA Fee.  
  • Little Dolphins are a separate registration and cannot be included with the multi-swimmer discount. 
  • Non-Saddle Creek residents will have to pay an additional $30 fee.

Other Miscellaneous Swim Team Costs

  • Minimum Volunteer Requirement Fee (new for 2024):  The success of the swim team relies on parent involvement.  Each meet requires up to 50 volunteers to run smoothly.  This means we need you!  Each family must have 5 volunteer points in the system at the end of the season.  If this requirement is not met, you will be auto-charged $150.  This is a condition of registration.  
    • There are many opportunities to meet the volunteer requirements, including the practice meet, regular meets, the GA Tech meet, the end-of-the-season party, and pre-season jobs.
    • Grandparents, 16 and older teens (with Summer's approval), and spouses are all able to volunteer. If you are sending a grandparent or nanny to fill a volunteer job, please read the job description to make sure it suits their physical needs.
    • Please note that this decision was not made without a lot of thought and discussions with other teams. Our team is run by a volunteer team of parents.  This decision was made to set up our team for success for the 2024 season and beyond.

  • ASA Championship Meet (Optional): This meet is on June 27.  Fees will be updated here when we are informed. In the past, they have been around $40.

  • Other possible seasonal costs:  Swimsuits (Girl's $40, jammers $32), optional swim cap, goggles of choice, concession money for meets, and additional family donations to the team. 
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