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Parent Meeting Recap 2023

Saddle Creek Swim Team Parent Meeting 2023

So excited to see so many old and new faces today! Looking forward to a great season!

 Swimmers get in the water today! They need to come in a swimsuit, goggles, and have a towel. We recommend bringing as little as possible because many will forget items. Yes, they can wear their team swimsuit to all things swim team. Please remember our request to remain in the pavilion during practice, at the playground, or nearby especially during these afternoon practices. Why? We found the reduction of bodies on the pool deck and the reduction of noise promoted smoother afternoon practices.  Afternoon practices tend to be noisier than morning practices with everyone so excited to be at the swim team and getting to swim.  The baby pool is closed during practices and at no time during practice, meets swim team swimmer be in the baby pool–they are big swimmers.  You may ask them to get out per the coaches and Mrs. Summer. The only time the baby pool is open during swim team events is Fun Friday free swim and the pool party for young little siblings only.  Parents are 100% responsible for watching their children in the baby pool, and parents may tell big swim team kids to exit the baby pool. 

Help us help take care of our brand-new clubhouse and newly planted landscape! Many volunteer hours have gone into our long-awaited clubhouse and pool opening. Please help remind kids what is appropriate so that we respect all the hard work.

There will be no tolerance of a parent talking to a coach while kids are in the water.   Please direct questions and concerns to Summer. This is for the safety of all our swimmers.

Parent Shirts orders have closed, but our swim cap may be ordered through our team store:  Click Here

Make sure to get our postcard with a detailed schedule to put on your fridge to remember practice times. 

Swimmers are put into age groups based on the age they are on June 1.

Detailed Practices Schedule Click Here

EVENING PRACTICES (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ONLY)

All Ages 6:30 to 7:15 PM

These practices are limited to 20 swimmers as we only swim two lanes. Your child can only attend if they are missing the morning practice. Little Dolphins cannot attend. Members will be at the pool during evening practices. Make sure to sign up through our event section on the website. A separate email will go out regarding this signup.  Evening practices are makeup practices only and should not be attended if a swimmer was at practice in the morning. 

The below events are the only events that we will need to know if your swimmer is participating in. The way you will let us know will be through our website/app. The first event to come out will be our Mock Meet. You will first Declare (say your swimmer is coming) or Undeclare (say your swimmer is NOT coming). We want to know either way.  We recommend declaring and undeclaring your swimmer for all the meets when it comes out.  If your plans change, let us know ASAP.  There are deadlines for meet signups--if you forget to declare your swimmer and you show up to a meet expecting to swim, they likely cannot be entered last minute. We have over 100 swimmers to coordinate so make sure to do this.

We do not need to know if your swimmer is missing practice. However, your swimmer is welcome to tell the coaches if they would like!

If plans change before a meet, the sooner we know, the better we can adjust. There are a lot of moving parts at a meet. Please EMAIL [email protected] or reply to any of my weekly emails if you have committed to a meet and plans change last minute. It is the best way for me to see. I often do not see texts or calls during a meet.

V. Event Schedule –on App./Website & POSTCARD

Day Date Arrive Time Location Event
Wednesday May 24 5:00 PM HOME V. Mock/Practice Meet
Thursday June 1st 4:30 PM Away V. Rsowell Rapids
Thursday June 8 4:15 PM HOME V. Harrington Falls
Thursday June 15 4:15 PM HOME V. Wildwood Springs
Thursday June 22 4:30 PM Away v. Woodstock Knoll 
Tuesday June 27 4:15 PM HOME V. Wexford Waves
Wednesday June 28 10:00 AM Home Swim Celebration 10-12

Thursday June 30th 04:00 PM  AWAY GA Tech ASA Championships 4 hours

HOME MEETS -- Swimmers need to arrive no later than 4:15 PM

AWAY MEETS -- Swimmers need to arrive no later than 4:30 PM

Suggested items to bring to meets: chairs, extra towels, sunscreen, goggles, t-shirts, snacks, drinks, games or activities for swimmers, concession money. Some places may be cash only. Keep that in mind. See swim meet 101 on the website. Click Here.

VI. ASA Divisionals & Championships  June 29th at 4 PM, but ASA will request we arrive at a specific time TBD as early as 2-2:30 PM. 

Georgia Tech Aquatic Center

Each swimmer can swim 2 individual events and 2 Relays. Entry Fee is around $29 per swimmer. I will get an updated price on this event soon. Kids love this even, swimming in the big pool and getting to see their names on the big screen. They sit on the deck with the coaches. They find it's a great experience. This is a great event to carpool or join up with another parent. More information to come, but mark your calendar if you would like your swimmer to attend.

Divisionals – Thursday,  June 29th  4PM with an earlier arrival time as early as 2:30 PM--TBD

Morning beginning at 4:00  PM  about 4 hours. At this time, parents are allowed in.

VII. Meet Commitments

If your child will not be at a meet, please go online to www.saddlecreekdolphins.com and edit their commitment under the meet that they will not be attending. You may be able to do this through the Swimtopia App. I am learning this new system with you guys!

We need to know if you are coming and if you are NOT coming! Once I release the meet schedule, you can sign up for meets and jobs all at the same time.

VIII. Meet Volunteers

A. Every Family MUST volunteer at least ½ of every meet. You are welcome to volunteer the whole meet if you like! We have many families that provide multiple volunteers. Please do your part!

B. Failure to work will result in your swimmer not swimming in the meet.

C. Sign-up via the app or by logging into the website.

D. Description of positions are listed with each job. If you send a kid with a grandparent, we have jobs that are great for grandparents!

E. Many teams are resorting to fining families who do not meet volunteer requirements. We want to avoid charging fees and hope everyone pitches in.

H. Meets are more enjoyable, and you get to know many other parents if you volunteer.

I. Each job will have a description to help you determine if it could be a good job for you. Some are sitting, some are great if you have a younger child hanging out with you, and some give you a front row to the pool for all events.

J. Each Job will also have the best estimated time frames. Please do not sign up for a 5:30 shift if you know you cannot show up until 6 PM. Most shifts are Events 1-43 or events 44-86. Typically that means they are Events 1-43 are 5:30-7:30ish and events 44-86 are 7:30ish-8:30ish. The timing depends on multiple factors. There are other shifts that have time frames.

K. 6 & Unders! 6 and Under swimmers complete their events by event 43. You have to finish your shift even if your swimmer is done. Many 6 and Under-parents prefer to volunteer the first shift so they can go home after the first shift, but you can also work after. Your call!

IX. Swim Lessons

Coaches offer swim lessons before or after practice during the week. There will be a list of coaches fees, and their numbers next week at practice to begin scheduling any lessons with them.  You must complete an SCHOA Swim Liability Form for each swimmer taking lessons. This form is found in the binder for night practices or Summer can email it. You contact the coaches yourself and arrange it.

Some coaches do not have digital payment yet. You will need to clarify payment forms with them and make sure to have cash at the lesson for those that do not have digital payment yet.

$15 / per child per 30-minute lesson

$25 / for 2 children per 30 minute lesson

$25/30 mins for our head coaches--they will clarify their cost for 2 swimmers at a time.

Swim lessons will begin after the pool is open.

X. Team Pictures

Friday, June 9th.  

9:00 at the pool just before “Fun Friday” You can purchase individuals or just the team pictures. There can be no pictures with phones.

XI. End of the Year Party

Wednesday, June 28th, 10-12

More details to come.

Swimmer Responsibilities

The following guidelines are to inform swimmers of the coach’s policies regarding practice. These policies have been developed over many years and are designed to provide the best possible practice environment for all.

  • Practice cannot start unless a certified coach is on deck. No swimmers should enter the water until instructed by coaches.
  • Swimmers should come to practice every day with all the necessary equipment in good working order. Swimsuit, Goggles, Caps, towels, etc.
  • All swimmers must be able to swim the length pool in order to be entered into swim meets.
  • Swimmers should not leave the practice area unless they inform the coach.
  • Disruptive behavior at practice or at the meets will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behavior which continues after one warning may result in a swimmer being asked to leave the pool. Continued behavior issues could warrant a swimmer being removed from the team, and NO refunds will be issued. Offensive language or gestures will not be tolerated.
  • Every swimmer needs to respect and obey all pool rules AND our surrounding property. Any damage or vandalism of the SCST pool or any opposing team’s pool may result in financial liability of the swimmer's parents. This may also lead to the swimmer being asked to leave the team.
  • Criticism of the coaches or other swimmers is not acceptable.
  • Commit to meets this week for the whole season. Update the coaches of any changes no later than Tuesday of each week.
  • Do not leave the meets early! If a storm comes, do not leave until a notice goes out canceling–quick storms.
  • The baby pool is closed during practices and meets. Our swim team swimmers should not be in the baby pool at any time during swim team. Help us reinforce.

Parent Responsibilities

The following guidelines are to inform parents of SCST Team’s policies regarding practice. These policies have been developed over many years and are designed to provide the best possible practice environment for all.

  • Ensure your child attends each practice, arrives early, and has all their equipment.
  • Provide support and encouragement for your child especially when he/she hits a performance plateau or downturn. We stress time improvements. If your swimmer practices, they will likely see time improvements, and we had out ribbons for this when they do. Celebrate this!
  • Get involved with the Team. Our parents are our greatest resource and we rely on their commitment and creativity to operate at a high standard.
  • Parents are required to work at least one-half of ALL swim meets. Failure to work a meet will result in your child being pulled from their events. We cannot run meets efficiently without everyone’s help. Information regarding volunteers can be found on the SCST website. Meets are hot and are long, and volunteering also helps to speed them up. I have enjoyed getting to know so many swim team families through volunteering. Without adequate support, my personal willingness to volunteer for swim team will diminish.
  • Practice cannot start unless a certified coach is on deck. No swimmers should enter the water until instructed by coaches.
  • Do not talk to the coaches when a coach is in the water with a swimmer or if the next practice is beginning. This is for the swimmer's safety.
  • We will not tolerate negative or critical comments about our coaches or swimmers (our team or another team). If you have comments or concerns about any coach or swimmer, please raise those to the committee and not to other parents, swimmers, etc.
  • Remind your swimmers to listen to the coaches. Disruptive behavior at practice or at the meets will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behavior which continues after one warning may result in a swimmer being asked to leave the pool. Continued behavior issues could warrant a swimmer being removed from the team, and NO refunds will be issued.
  • Parents will be informed of their child's continued misconduct during workouts. They shall be informed promptly if their child has been asked to leave a workout, the reasons for this action, and the conditions which must be met for his/her return.
  • Offensive language or gestures will not be tolerated.
  • Pick up your child promptly at the end of practice. Coaches need to prepare to coach the next group of swimmers. Because our responsibility is to the swimmers in the pool, we do not and cannot monitor kids who are not picked up promptly.
  • Younger siblings are not allowed to swim in the pool during practices. This must be strictly enforced for liability reasons.
  • A parent or designated adult needs to attend practice sessions for all 6 & under swimmers. Coaches are not acting in the capacity of a lifeguard.
  • Remember your swimmers are being timed by parent volunteers from our team and volunteers from the other team. We do not have touchpads–at times will be incorrect. Please give grace and understanding.
  • Promoting especially during afternoon practices—remain in the Pavillon or nearby at the playground during practice. Many of us have siblings hanging out with us and if I have 25 kids in a practice with 1-2 siblings, plus a parent, I suddenly have an additional 50 people on the deck.
  • The baby pool should not be used. During the afternoon practices, it is closed. If it is used for morning practices, it is at your own risk the coaches and I are not monitoring or policing it to make sure kids are behaving.

If you are not a member of Saddle Creek, you may not stay at the pool for any time after any swim events or swim lessons–the only exception is if you are a guest of a member–that member has to be present at the pool with you. If this rule is ignored, you may be removed from the team with no refund, and will not be allowed to return. Because we take up pool use time, we have to be completely respectful of our neighborhood members and make sure we enforce the rules.

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