Reminders for Tomorrow's Meet and Signups for Tuesday

We are in the final days of swim team! Here is the link to this week's meet. Make sure to read it carefully for important directions for both this week's meet and next Tuesday's meet:


Any last-minute changes to your swimmer's availability needs to be replied to this email or communicated with a coach ASAP, so we know any scratches or volunteer holes to fill. 

Weather:  The weather has been very unpredictable, but so far storms have missed us or have passed quickly.  The other team says that during thunder, cars will be the best place to wait out a weather delay. Remember a weather delay is not canceling the meet--we will send out alerts via email during weather delays to update about the meet.  The other team has agreed to attempt to make it to event 44 (half way through the meet) if there are any weather delays but also to end the meet at a reasonable time.  Leaving during a weather delay will result in confusion once we get started again, volunteer holes to fill, and relays may not be able to be swum by other swimmers. 

Parent Relays: If you would like to participate in parent relays at tomorrow night's meet (at the end of the meet), please email Hailey Barnett: [email protected] to let her know.  We will need at least 4 to participate.  This was a lot of fun last year.  

We have a very quick turnaround for Tuesday's meet next week so please make sure to sign up your swimmers today and your volunteer jobs. We have already begun exchanging information with the other team. Due it being a home meet with more jobs needing to be filled, remember for your swimmer to remain in the meet, an adult must be signed up to volunteer. 

 Coach Gifts: Another way we have also raised funds and have had for a long time is coach gifts. If you feel the swim team has been awesome this year as we add it as a "bonus" for them and their hard work. I would love for swimmers and parents to also tell the coaches that they hope to see them back next year! On our coach page on the website, you can read about how our coaching structure works and how it's a great opportunity for a kid who loves to swim to gain leadership and working skills. If you would like to donate, you can give Summer cash at anytime this week, or you can donate via our Swimtopia store, or through our square payment at concessions at the meet. This is optional! Coach gifts here: https://saddlecreekdolphins.swimtopia.com/swim_me... 

Sign-ups for the championship at GA Tech end today. We are excited about the group attending and welcome others who can and want to go. Please go to the home page saddlecreekdolphins.com to sign up. Volunteering is NOT required at this meet (I have more than enough adults to cover the few volunteer spots we will be given), but prompt sign-up and payment are required to be at this meet. I find this meet to be very efficient and relaxing compared to one of our regular meets.  

Don't forget our last Fun Friday this Friday--and to sign up for the end of the season party. Lunch is provided for all family members attending so update ASAP.

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