Swim Team 2024

Hey Team!

It may be cold and summer may feel like it's far away, but we are in the beginning stages of preparing for our 2024 season. 

Registration Open Dates: TBD, but expect somewhere around the last week of Feb. for Saddle Creek Residents and returning swimmers.  

Sponsors:  We will also begin seeking business sponsors for our 2024 season very soon.  If you have connections with a business that was not a sponsor in 2023, please contact us.  Business sponsors help us keep our fees lower and from raising rates significantly year to year.

Volunteers Needed:  As everyone knows, volunteering at swim meets is a requirement for every family, but there is also a lot of volunteer work pre-season.  Our volunteer policy is being updated and details will be in our registration.  I personally volunteer my time each year because my kids love swim team, we love getting to know our community, and we love supporting a program where Saddle Creek kids have an opportunity within their neighborhood to learn leadership skills by becoming coaches.  Like those who have volunteered before me, there will be a year where I will not be able to volunteer my time with the SCST, therefore seeking volunteers to fill in different roles of the team help increase the stability and continuation of our team which has been around 40-something years. See below for one role that needs to be filled ASAP if you or your kids also love our Saddle Creek swim team and can help pre-season.

Volunteer Need: Team Apperal Lead.  This person will communicate with our t-shirt vendor, pick out the t-shirt design and look for the team, and determine any parent merchandise with my help.  In addition, this person also typically determines our team suits. This is a great job for someone who has strong opinions on these items. This person will sort and assist with handing out shirts when they arrive during the season. We have vendors set in place so it's a matter of communicating and picking determining looks.  This volunteer job is needed now.  

We will have additional volunteer jobs needed once we get the registration set and season details in place.

Facebook Group:  Make sure to join or have interested friends join Saddle Creek Dolphins to make sure to stay up to date on registration dates. 

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